5) Symposium 10 A Session 1 and 2 Organized by P. MARCER (UK)

6th BCSCMsG International Symposium
Rewrite Science - The Universal Semantic
and Grammatical Cosmos
Organised by Peter J. Marcer
SESSION 10-A.1. TUESDAY AUGUST 7, 8:30-12:30, ROOM 138
Chairman: Peter Marcer - Co-Chairman: Peter Rowlands
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics from a Single Operator, Peter Rowlands (United Kingdom)

Nature’s Code, Vanessa Hill, Peter Rowlands (United Kingdom)

Common Sense (What is it?) and the Church Turing Hypothesis, Peter J. Marcer (France)

Towards an Expanded, Non-Trivial and Unitary Theory of Time From Recent Advances in Natural Science, Stein E. Johansen (Norway)

Riemann Hypothesis, Bernard M. Diaz (United Kingdom), Peter Marcer (France), Peter Rowlands (United Kingdom)

Is Theoretical Physics the Same Thing as Mathematics? - Further Thoughts, George F. Chapline (USA)

SESSION 10-A.2. THURSDAY AUGUST 9, 14:00-18:00, ROOM 138
Chairman: Peter J. Marcer - Co-Chairman: Salvatore Santoli
Elementary Particle Spectroscopy in Regular Solid Rewrite, Erik Trell (Sweden)

The Dual Pairing Principle of Quantum Field Theory: Cooper Pairs and Bose-Einstein Condensates, Walter Schempp (Germany)

Topological Geometrodynamics: an Overall View, Matti Pitkänen (Finland)

The Equation of Health: Our Body Map Math of Health and Knowledge, Otto van Nieuwenhuijze (The Netherlands)

The “Doubling Theory” and our Planetary Warming, Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet (France)

Synchronization - The Font of Physical Structure, Michael Manthey (USA)

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