4) Symposium 10 B Session VIGIER Organized by R. AMOROSO (USA)


 VIth International Symposium
in Honor of Jean-Pierre Vigier

Multidimensional Aspects of Anticipation in Complex Systems
Organised by Richard Amoroso

SESSION 10-B.1. WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8, 8:30-12:30, ROOM 138

Chairman: Richard Amoroso - Co-Chairman: Francisco DiBiase

Universal Quantum Computing: Anticipatory Parameters Predicting Bulk Implementation

Part I – Philosopical Foundations of the Formalism, R.L. Amoroso (USA), I. Dienes (Hungary), S. Giandinoto, G. Hunter, E. A. Rauscher (USA)

Emergence of Generalized F-Theory 2-Branes from Parameters of the Dubois Incursive Oscillator, I. Dienes (Hungary), R.L. Amoroso, E.A. Rauscher (USA)

Holoinformational Consciousness: An Extension of Interactive Dualism with Anticipatory Parameters, Francisco Di Biase (Brazil), Richard L. Amoroso (USA)

Experimental Mediation of the Primary Mechanism Initiating Protein Conformation in Prion Propagation, Yuxing Sun, Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Jacob Chu, Richard L. Amoroso (USA)

Nonlinear Coherent Collective States and Complex Phenomena, Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Richard L. Amoroso (USA)

Class II Mesoionic Xanthines as Potential Ten-Qubit Quantum Computer Substrate Registers, Salvatore Giandinoto, Richard L. Amoroso, Elizabeth A. Rauscher (USA)

The Role of Black Hole Dynamics and Surrounding Plasma Media in Current Cosmologies, N. Haramein, E.A. Rauscher (USA)

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