16) CHAOS AWARD Invited Speaker Igor ALEKSANDER (UK)

Monday August 6, 18:30-20:30, ROOM 030
Chairpersons: Daniel M. Dubois & Loet Leydesdorff
Neural Approaches to Machine Consciousness
Igor Aleksander
Professor Emeritus in Neural Systems Engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Imperial College, London (UK)

Machine Consciousness', which some years ago might have been suppressed as an inappropriate pursuit, has come out of the closet and is now a legitimate area of research concern.

I will briefly review the last few years of worldwide research in this area which divides into rule-based and neural approaches. 

I shall then show that neural approaches undertaken in my laboratory have permitted addressing phenomenological consciousness, that is, a form of depictive inner representation that has five specific axiomatic features: a sense of self-presence in an external world; a sense of imagination of past experience and fiction; a sense of attention; a capacity for planning; a sense of emotion-based volition that influences planning. It is shown that these five features have separate but integrated support in dynamic neural systems. 

Examples and demonstrations are given. 

The presentation ends with a consideration of some ethical issues.

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