15) CASYS AWARD Invited Speaker George F. CHAPLINE (USA)

Tuesday August 7, 18:30-20:30, ROOM 030
Chairpersons: Daniel M. Dubois & Peter Marcer
Quantum Mechanics, Pattern Recognition, and the Mammalian Brain
Dr George F. Chapline
Physicist N-division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA)

Although the usual Chapman-Kolmogorov way of representing Markov processes is time asymmetric, there is a way of describing Markov processes, due to Schrodinger, which is time symmetric. This observation provides a link between quantum mechanics and the layered Bayesian networks that are often used in automated pattern recognition systems. In particular, there is a striking formal similarity between quantum mechanics and a particular type of Bayesian network, the Helmholtz machine, which provides a plausible model for how the mammalian brain recognizes important environmental situations. One interesting aspect of this relationship is that the "wake-sleep" algorithm for training a Helmholtz machine is very similar to the problem of finding the potential for the multi-channel Schrodinger equation. As a practical application of this insight it may be possible to use inverse scattering techniques to study the relationship between human brain wave patterns, pattern recognition, and learning. The relationship between quantum mechanics, pattern recognition, and human cognition may also go a long way towards explaining the "unreasonable effectiveness" of mathematics in theoretical physics. We also comment on whether there is a relationship between quantum measurements and consciousness.
Wednesday August 8, 14:00-14:45, ROOM 030

Chairpersons: Loet Leydesdorff & Daniel M. Dubois

The Logic of Nervous System Design
Brian D. Josephson
Nobel Prize in Physics,Department of Physics, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) 
Saturday August 11, 10:00-12:00, ROOM 030
Closing Cocktail

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