Invited Session in Symposium 9


Invited Session in Symposium 9


Application of Biomimetic Design Methods in Infrastructure  Systems




Ryszard Klempous

Wroclaw University of Technology,
Institute of Computer Engineering,
Control and Robotics
27 Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego st.,
50 370 Wroclaw, Poland.

Phone: +48713202848; Fax: +48713212677;

e-mail: ryszard.klempous@pwr.wroc.pl



Zenon Chaczko

Faculty of Engineering, UTS; PO Box 123,
Ultimo 2007, NSW, Australia.

Phone: +61 2 95142528; Fax: +61 2 95142435.
e-mail: Zenon.Chaczko@eng.uts.edu.au

Session Description:


At the foundation of the human biology and in fact the entire human co-native, emotive and cognitive activities lies anticipation. Through anticipatory processes humans gain insight into intrinsic aspects of phenomena that hold together the world around us as a interconnected and coherent whole in which past, present and future states remain in relationship to the current state of our mind. Biomimetics refer to an approach to design processes of anticipatory computing systems that imitates nature.


Future applications of anticipatory biomimetic systems may include nano-scale robots that are capable to find and destroy disease-causing antigens, repair or reconstruct: artificial organs, artificial arms, hands and legs, as well as able to construct various bionic systems.


A common (but not limited to) denominator for discussions in the session is a system design thinking that uses nature as a referencing point, with the intention of constructing computing anticipatory systems by extrapolating biological and social phenomena for inspiration and/or application in design of infrastructure oriented systems.



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