Invited Session in Symposium 6


Invited Session in Symposium 6


Logic and Semantics in Front of Nanoscale Physics



 Dr. Salvatore Santoli



 Dr. Peter Marcer


An Introduction to the Session for Prospective Authors


The ever growing and deeper research into the physics of the nanoscale world, mainly at the levels where the interactions between the quantum and the classical worlds hold the dominant sway, is beginning now to dig deeply into the ground of life itself and its phenomena – self-organization, self-reproduction, the upper-rank functions like intelligence and what is comprehensively called mind – looking for their very roots and relationships with fundamental physics. Recent approaches to problems in connection with the biosystem hierarchical dynamics have shown theoretically and experimentally the basic role played by the quantum world both in the most elementary and in the upmost life functions, such phenomena involving a holistic, uninterrupted and cooperative chain of events from the nanoscale up to the macroscopic thermodynamic level, possibly deeply rooted in the underlying physics of the Universe.

        For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, it was not considered professionally respectable for scientists, mainly experimental physicists and biologists, to be involved with problems concerning the mind. Just theoretical physicists, since the 20’s, have been allowed to engage in their universal dolour about mind and the meaning of quantum mechanical mesurement; however, that was an activity to be engaged in by consenting adults in private. But the nanoscale physics of the 21th century as applied to biological systems is supplying both theoretical and experimental physicists with the notions and the practical tools for exploring what had been thought of as just the realm of philosophy, so that attempts on physical backgrounds can often be met with in the scientific literature approaching questions like consciousness, free will, and the Cartesian mind-body problem. And like when dealing with the nanophysics of subcellular bodies – DNA, centriols, mitochondria, the nucleus – and their orchestrated hierarchical (quantum?) physics of cellular subdivision into new cells to form tissues -  the problem of dealing with the upper-rank functions of biological systems involves the need for reformulating the notion of information and for a better understanding as to how the hierarchical information dynamics of the living being works, with its intralevel and interlevel logic and semantics, from the nano- to the macroscale into a holistic system featuring a structural (energetic) and functional (informational) undivid-able solidarity for acting on the environment (pragmatics) against the disrupting effects of noise and adverse conditions.

        Contributions dealing with the notions of logic and semantics in the light of the emerging nanosciences of life and concerning any life phenomena are cordially invited for this special Session as facets to be contemplated within the widest realm of the related subjects that make up the Symposium. It is our hope that scholars devoted to different fields of science and philosophy will participate in this forum on a topic of a multidisciplinary kind, which needs the bringing together of various approaches to increase our insight into the nature of life and mind.



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