Invited Session in Symposium 5 (a)


Invited Session in Symposium 5 a


Computational Intelligence and Experimental Design within Dynamical Anticipatory Systems and Networks




Prof. Dr. Stefan Pickl
Faculty of Informatics,
Universität der Bundeswehr,
Neubiberg-München, Germany


Topics of the Session


Modelling and simulation of (large-scale) dynamic networks become more and more important. Via a system-based approach the measurement, comparison and design of dynamic intelligent networks is possible.

Special structures and properties can be visualized and identified.

For example, it may be experimentally examined how social groups, interactions between them and effects arise and evolve.


As a result of the advances in communications and computing technology, extreme amounts of data are being accumulated representing the evolution of those large scale communication networks.

Finding patterns of social interaction within a population has been addressed in a wide range applications including: information transmission, operation management, intelligence and surveillance, business management, behavioural ecology.


New approaches of adapting and extending the computational methods developed in the context of communication and computer networks to the social interaction networks will be presented. Sensor placement tasks are more and more important for a system analyst in order to describe anticipatory behaviour.

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