Invited Session in Symposium 1


Invited Session in Symposium 1


Pragmatic Challenges and Solutions to Anticipatory Practice

Stig C Holmberg


Mid Sweden University
ITM / Informatics

INVITATION  2007-01-19 


 Dear Colleague


Invited paper to PCSAP within CASYS’07


You are kindly invited to submit a paper to my special session “Pragmatic Challenges and Solutions to Anticipatory Practice” (PCSAP) within the conference CASYS’07 to be held August 6 – 11 at HEC-Ulg, Liège, Belgium.


Papers may be written from two perspectives. First, experts within different application areas may define and discuss what requirements their special field of interest put on anticipation and anticipatory technique. Second, researchers on anticipation may demonstrate what their solutions and approaches may contribute to practice.


With those two perspectives I am hoping for a creative and innovative exchange of insights and ideas as well as generation of new ones. All further information concerning CASYS’07 you can find at:




Hoping to receive a positive answer from you soon and to see you in Liège in August.


Yours Truly  / Stig

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